Smitsen NP-7A, NP-8,  NP320 Portable Bag Stitcher Replacing the needle

Broken needle, bent needle, dull needle – replace it!

You have a bag full of product and have sewn it with the Newlong NP-7A. The filled bag is thrown onto the pallet and the stitches come undone. Product falls out.
It’s possible that the needle in your Portable Smitsen Bag Stitcher or Newlong NP-7A bag closer simply needs to be replaced.

Obviously if you have broken the needle, it must be replaced.
Broken needles happen by hitting a dried bean, a corn kernel or for exmaple a piece of coal while sewing your bag. Hitting the product doesn’t always break the needle – sometimes it may just bend or warp the needle. Even a dull needle can cause problems.

The DNx1 # 25 / B01002 standard needle for Smitsen np7a, smitsen np8, smitsen np320G generates an incredible amount of heat while closing the bags.
With enough heat, the needle may bent or warp. The B01002 needle may not look bent when looking at it with the naked eye, but even a slight bend can be enough to cause the stitches to unravel.

Forcing the bag through the Newlong NP-7A can also bend the needle. The needle is letterly being pulled aside hitting other parts inside of the machine,

Pulling a jammed bag out of the bag closer can also cause a problem.

You can send your machine to a mechanic . But if you want to save a few dollars, first try replacing the needle. in most cases your problem wil be resolved.

When replacing the needle, make sure you have the correct style and size needle. There are a lot of different bag closing machines available and many of them require different needles.